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Home Management Program

LTA's commitment is to assist Christian families to train up Godly sons and daughters by instilling the principles found in God's Word while using a Biblically based, academic curriculum. We encourage you to keep your personal relationship with Jesus the main focus of your life and that of your children.

LTA's program is designed to let you choose curriculum and subjects that are best suited for
your children. Each family unit is unique in its design and has individual needs and challenges.

What LTA Does:
What You Do:
  • Keeps a cumulative file of school records for each student

  • Assists you with proper curriculum for your students

  • Acts as your institutional umbrella

  • Conducts yearly SAT testing 

  • Provides extended learning opportunities such as chapel, field trips, etc..

  • Issues quarterly report cards

  • Holds promotion ceremonies forKindergarten and 8th grade

  • Conducts 12th grade graduation ceremonies

  • Awards scholastic recognition

  • Provides high school diplomas

  • Read, fill out application and Pastor's recommendation forms. (Regular attendance in a Bible believing church is required for enrollment in LTA)

  • Read through the Parent/Student handbook to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures

  • Oversee the daily learning of materials and keep attendance records

  • Turn in attendance reports and grades quarterly to receive a report card


$650 per year, per student or $900 for entire family

(Pricing is for the current school year)


$150 per year for entire family

(Pricing is for the current school year)

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